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PREPARE during the competition

1 Accommodation suggestions

Adagio Access Toulouse St Cyprien
37 ter Avenue Etienne Billière  31300 Toulouse

 L’Hôtel Croix-Baragnon
17 rue Croix Baragnon  31000 Toulouse

Hôtel Les ramblas
34 Allée Jean Jaurès 31000 Toulouse

Hôtel Le Cousture
42 Boulevard Lazare Carnot 31000 Toulouse

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What financial assistance is available to candidates?
Toulouse les Orgues will provide assistance to semi-finalist candidates for their travel and accommodation, on presentation of supporting documents, up to a maximum of 300€.

How much rehearsal time will the candidates have?
The Competition will provide each candidate with rehearsal time on the organs, commensurate with the difficulty of preparing and registering the pieces.

Can we record our pieces on different instruments?
Yes, this is possible.

Concerning the pre-selection: it is asked to not edit the pieces. But is it possible to record each part individually?
It is necessary to record an autonomous piece or the movement of a larger ensemble (sonata, symphony) in one go.
It is not necessary to record several movements or pieces in a row, whatever their length.

What is the deadline for submitting the complete application file with recordings and payment?
Sunday May the 5th at 23:59.

Is it possible to send a registration of parts that have already been registered?
Yes, you can.

Do I need to send a copy of my identity card or passport?
Either is fine.

Can I apply in several categories?
Yes. For each category chosen, you will have to pay the entry fee, provide a specific musical programme and supply a specific audio recording.

Is it possible to receive information about the technical and sound characteristics of the organs?
Yes, for some of them. Please send us your request by email:

In the “XXth Century Organ” Category: is it possible to include pieces from 2000 to today?

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