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PREPARE during the competition

1 Accommodation suggestions

Adagio Access Toulouse St Cyprien
37 ter Avenue Etienne Billière  31300 Toulouse

 L’Hôtel Croix-Baragnon
17 rue Croix Baragnon  31000 Toulouse

Hôtel Les ramblas
34 Allée Jean Jaurès 31000 Toulouse

Hôtel Le Cousture
42 Boulevard Lazare Carnot 31000 Toulouse

2 Get around in Toulouse

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Vélos et scooters

VélÔ Toulouse – vélos en libre service 24h/24 :

Location de vélos à la Maison du Vélo :

Vélos indigoweel en libre service (via application) :

Scooter indigoweel (via application) :

3 Frequently asked questions

What financial and travel assistance to candidates ?

Toulouse les Orgues will provide financial assistance for semi-finalists to cover their travel and accommodation costs, upon presentation of receipts, to a maximum of €300.
- Receipts: Not exceeding an overall total of €300 per contestant, economy-fare train or air tickets will be accepted and reimbursed, hotel bills in Toulouse (with breakfast) for a maximum of €85 per night, and meal receipts up to €16 per meal.

What rehearsal time for candidates ?

The competition organisers will ensure that each candidate has a rehearsal time on the organs, proportionate to the difficulty of the preparation and registration for the pieces concerned.

Can we record each piece on different organs ?


May each pièce of the pré-sélection program be recorded separately ?


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